(5 April 2022)

Technology Dispatch: ActivePort Group Ltd (“ActivePort” or “the Company”), (ASX:ATV) is pleased to announce it has signed  agreements with Radian Arc Limited (Radian Arc) to deliver orchestration software, private cloud infrastructure, and technical support services. 


  • Anticipated revenue potential of up to $8.65M+ over 5 years;
  • ActivePort is delivering software licenses, cloud infrastructure, engineering, and technical support;
  • The project leverages ActivePort’s existing resources with no additional capital required;
  • ActivePort is supporting Radian Arc’s global customer base of major telecommunications providers;

Radian Arc provides a private cloud platform used for GPU*-centric applications such as gaming, artificial intelligence, machine learning, engineering visualisation, and cloud-based mapping systems. 

Since 2020, ActivePort has been collaborating with Radian Arc to include ActivePort’s software into Radian Arc’s platform that already incorporates AMD’s industry-leading cloud GPU technology. 

These new agreements extend the services that ActivePort already provides to Radian Arc to include software licensing, infrastructure and technical support as Radian Arc transitions its customers from delivery and testing into live production. 

Radian Arc’s CEO, commented: 

We partnered with ActivePort early to develop our innovative GPU-centric private cloud solution and as Radian Arc has grown exponentially, ActivePort has demonstrated its ability to source, deliver and support our technology on a global scale.”

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