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Brand our software as your own, deploy on low cost hardware 

SD-WAN 2.0 for Console Connect

Welcome to ActivePort’s SD-WAN 2.0 for Console Connect.  Our open software platform works with your choice of low-cost hardware to make SD-WAN more affordable. Next generation, packet based technology adds better solutions for increasing available bandwidth and providing seamless failover. The same SD-WAN console also manages traditional networks with routers and firewalls to give you visibility and control of your whole network. The result? Choice, reduced costs and simplicity to activate wherever, whenever.
Activeport sd-wan 2.0 and Console Connect

Benefits at a glance

  • White label, multi-lingual and multi-tenant – Brand and sell as your own. You can also re-brand for your wholesale customers using the same secure multi-tenant instance.

  • Open – Add your choice of low-cost hardware and make SD-WAN more affordable for your customers.

  • Packet based – More available bandwidth than other SD-WANs.

  • Same IP failover – Voice and video calls don’t drop, even when failing from fixed to wireless.

  • Traditional network & device management – Your SD-WAN console also manages traditional networks with routers and firewalls from any vendor (via API).

  • Multi-cloud – Automatically inject cloud services directly into your network.

  • Global network – Extend your network reach to where your customers have offices.

  • SASE & Zero Trust – You choose the provider, we host and orchestrate security policy.

White label software

Brand it as your own

Our software enables telcos and managed service providers to sell their own branded SD-WAN that is fully featured and competitively priced. 

Selling you own branded SD-WAN will help you stand out from the crowd of resellers all competing for the same business with the same brands. Removing the direct comparison will let you make more margin while still being competitive.

Monetise your investment even further by re-branding for your wholesale customers. Our software supports multi-tenants without having to pay for separate physical instances, and data security is preserved by maintaining a private WAN for each.  

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Your choice of low-cost hardware

Selling a more affordable SD-WAN will broaden your market and increase sales. You can close the gap between customers who “want SD-WAN” and those willing to pay for it. 

Deploy our software on your choice of low-cost bare metal x86 devices, virtual or container platforms. The below examples are already tested, and if you require others please contact us.

  • Virtualization platforms – KVM, Hyper-V, vSphere
  • Container platforms – NSPAWN, Podman, Docker
  • Orchestration types – Kubernetes and OpenShift
  • X86 devices – iWill, Protectli, Qotom, Edge-Core, Lanner, Netgate, Portwell, PC Engines, Juniper NFX, Cisco (Using UCS module), QNAP QGD, Quanta, others available
packet based sd-wan

More available bandwidth

Most SD-WANs have been “bolted-on” to traditional flow-based firewall solutions. Packet based is simply better, as it gives you more available bandwidth and greater stability and uptime.

Link aggregation – Can work with any combination of circuits or access methods (copper, fibre, coax, wireless, satellite). It combines the bandwidth of the primary and secondary access together by creating a single virtual tunnel. E.g. 10mbps primary and 10mbps secondary = 20mbps total.

Packet based load balancing breaks single packet flow into multiple packet streams and distributes across available circuits. This is better than SD-WANs that use Forward Error Correction (FEC) to duplicate priority packets across multiple circuits, which uses more bandwidth and saturates the network. This also provides additional security as no single circuit carries the entire stream of data.

Both technologies work together to give a bandwidth utilisation of >90%. With many other SD-WANs you can only use 50% or less, as they cannot aggregate circuits or load balance data between them as effectively.

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Manage your whole network from one screen with ActivePort’s orchestration software and SD-WAN 2.0

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same ip failover

Calls don’t drop

Applications don’t see any failover as the same IP address is used for all circuits in the virtual tunnel. Real time traffic like voice and video calls don’t drop, even when failing from fixed to wireless.

  • The same IP address is used for all circuits between the CPE and the SD-WAN aggregator. Circuits are removed or added back into the virtual tunnel as required.
  • All circuits are active and if any fail, they are removed from the tunnel within 300 milliseconds.
  • Circuits can also be set to standby failover status (recommended for wireless) and added to the tunnel within 300ms if the primary fails.
  • Voice, video and other applications will remain connected and not abruptly terminate when circuits fail, delivering business continuity and a better customer experience.
whole network orchestration

Traditional network and device management

Your SD-WAN console can also manage traditional networks with routers and firewalls via API.  And that is what whole network orchestration is: A single place to manage all your network devices, connections and cloud services.

Being able to see and orchestrate the whole network gives you options that were previously not available. Traditional networks can remain active, or they can be brought into a hybrid with SD-WAN, giving the same experience to operational staff and end users. If you need to rip and replace hardware to migrate customers to your network, this can be done safely and without the urgency that is normally required. You can add the current devices immediately and then migrate when resources are available.


Virtual Service Injection™

Purchasing services from cloud providers is reasonably easy, however the manual configuration and integration into your network requires more time and resources.

Most cloud providers only deliver services to data centres. More time and resources are then needed to configure and deliver to your customer’s network so they can be used.  

ActivePort automates the delivery of cloud access to the customer’s locations. In near real-time you can price, select and provision cloud services directly from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or from eco-system providers like Console Connect or Equinox.

Extend your network globally

We can help extend your network beyond your physical footprint.  ActivePort’s global SD-WAN aggregators allow you to easily select, price and provision services in 16 countries with 59 Points of Presence (POPS).

Make your local loop connections into the nearest aggregator, and from there easily add a site to your SD-WAN within minutes.

Use our public aggregators or deploy your own. You can use them privately or choose to make them public and re-sell access to other providers in a federated model. We have already set up a billing platform for ease of use. 

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SASE & Zero trust

Choose your security provider, we host and orchestrate

ActivePort’s packet based load balancing provides security at an architecture level, as no single circuit carries the entire stream of data. This provides a foundation to implement solutions for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Zero Trust (all network traffic must be untrusted).

In a SD-WAN 2.0 open environment, cloud security providers are best placed to deliver SASE and Zero Trust solutions, and give you more options to the traditional firewall vendors.     

ActivePort can host your choice of SASE or Zero Trust cloud solutions, and centrally orchestrate your security policies to all devices or locations.  The security model is up to you, and we can help manage devices at the edge (site based firewalls) or centralised security solutions that reduce the costs of hardware and the resources required to deploy and manage.

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