(6 May 2022) The latest release of ActivePortal software (v6.5) is proving to be the next generation in NFV Management and Orchestration (MANO) technology for the Telecommunications and IT industry.

Specific highlights include

  • Release of ActivePort OS (AcPOS) for SD-WAN NFV Services
  • Orchestration of Private Cloud Services
  • Enhancements to our SD-WAN software Orchestration

ActivePort Operating System
ActivePort OS (AcPOS) is a new device-based software offering that has been added to the premier ActivePortal Orchestration system. The Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Market will be worth $122 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 34.9% according to the exclusive report issued by Meticulous Research. *

With AcPOS running on SD-WAN uCPE devices, customers can now run all the virtual network functions they need! This innovative operating system makes it easy to deploy and manage virtual network functions (VNFs) on uCPE, so you can get your business up and running quickly and easily. With AcPOS, you’ll enjoy fast, reliable performance and streamlined operations.

“We noticed an increasing demand for the ability to add SASE services to our growing SD-WAN customer base. When using AcPOS, customers can now install an Enterprise firewall offering for complete coverage”, says Mark Middleton, EVP and CTO of ActivePort.

What makes AcPOS so different to other NFV software vendors is that it layers on-top of the ActivePort SD-WAN software. This provides a totally seamless and integrated solution when coupled with ActivePortal provides a single pane of glass of all uCPE services functions.

ActivePortal v6.5 uCPE

Droyt Robb, CTO of Flintel commented:
“We are excited to be implementing the latest release of ActivePortal and this NFV functionality. This will enable us to expand our services to our customers and reduce our hardware requirements and overheads. The virtual firewall technology from ActivePort will give us the ability to simplify our operations and remove the need for Raspberry Pi devices in our virtual 3CX phone system deployment.”

In addition, AcPOS can be also used to address the virtual edge market at the Data Centre but specially targets the larger market of the customer edge devices that are typically installed at the customers environment.

Firewall and SASE providers and their respective products such as the Mikrotik CHR, Jumiper vSRX, Fortigate-VM, WatchGuard FireBoxV, pfSense, Sofos XG, vYOS, SonicWall NSv Series, PaloAlto VM Series and the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Vx can all run on the AcPOS SD-WAN NFV offering. Note: Trademarks remain the property of their respective Owners.

Private Cloud Orchestration
ActivePortal is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to configure and manage their own private cloud services. With ActivePortal, you can create a custom cloud that meets your specific needs and requirements. Whether you’re looking for more flexibility or more control over your data, Cloud Orchestration is the perfect tool that allows enterprises to scale and expand their virtual resources.

ActivePort has worked exclusively with AMD to build a hardware reference design and Orchestration system that allows the use of AMD hardware such as the EPYC CPUs and Data Center GPUs such as the v520 and v620 to be used for real world solutions.

“Working with AMD we have built an Orchestration solution for private cloud that enables on-line gaming for Radian Arc. While on-line gaming is a new emerging market, our Orchestration of the solution using ActivePortal provides an innovative ability for partners to use AMD for this emerging market”, says EVP and CTO Mark Middleton of ActivePort.

Contact the team at ActivePort to book in a demonstration to understand the full potential of ActivePortal v6.5 technology and the benefits to your business.

About ActivePort Group Ltd
ActivePort Group Ltd (ASX: ATV) is an Australian software company developing network management and orchestration solutions (MANO) for Telecommunication, IT and Managed Service Providers. Using ActivePort software, providers have increased visibility and control across their network, provide customer self-service, and reduce operational complexity and costs. 

* Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Market – Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast (2020-2027) by Meticulous Research.