In collaboration with an ActivePort MSP Partner, learn about a recent SD-WAN customer success story for a leading Australian carpet retail chain with 29 stores around Australia.
Key Retail Customer Objectives:

  • Centralise and simplify IT operations across 29 stores
  • Gain more control and visibility across the network
  • Reduce downtime and network outages
  • Improve customer service and retention

Retail Network Challenges

A large retail group was experiencing a high volume of network outages at their head office and retail stores. These outages affected the ability to view stock levels and process orders, resulting in lost sales. Head office IT had no visibility of the network and were unaware when stores were having issues.

ActivePort SD-WAN Solution

ActivePort designed an SD-WAN solution with live failover to 4G, including ActivePortal reporting and event notifications. The ActivePort SD-WAN solution allows stores to continue trading while faults are fixed in the background. Completed configuration and implementation in three weeks.

SD-WAN Diagram

Retail Group Outcome & Success

  • Centralised Management. 
    IT Team centrally manage the entire network from the ActivePortal platform. Greater visibility and control. 
  • No more outages.

    No more downtime across the network. Applications don’t see any failover. The same IP address is used for all circuits in a virtual tunnel. Event notifications advise of any lost connectivity.

  • Improved Customer Service. 

    Better customer experience, faster order processing and service, and less frustration at the check-out. Improved stock control.