Enterprise Cloud Specialists Platformer has expanded its partnership with ActivePort, using the software solution at heart of their Orchestration and Automation capability. Read on to see how ActivePort helps integrate their Kubernetes suite of products.

Platformer helps businesses transform and/or migrate their applications and workloads to Kubernetes, the de facto containerized application deployment and management platform for the cloud. A Google Cloud Partner, they initially approached ActivePort as their cloud “migration tool”.

“We needed a solution to migrate large amounts of data for a customer (Physical to Cloud), and ActivePort’s software was the perfect tool to flexibly dial up links between cloud providers, scale them down or turn them off if not required. Not having to deal with telcos or sign expensive contracts for multiple links meant we could successfully migrate this customer over a weekend, which was a huge success.” Kanchana Wickremasinghe, CEO of Platformer

From servers to cloud in a weekend

While this is a subset of ActivePortal’s features, it demonstrates the flexibility of the software to solve customers’ unique cloud and telecommunications challenges fast, safe and with the end customer in mind. Platformer’s customer went home on a Friday afternoon with a physical network, and returned Monday morning to a fully migrated cloud environment without the business skipping a beat. They could then turn off the links that were no longer required – and stop paying for them.

Next step: Orchestrating the cloud

Having seen the flexibility and potential of ActivePort’s software, Platformer is now integrating its Kubernetes solutions into the ActivePortal. This means Platformer can easily roll out an orchestration platform globally for their customers to leverage, with self-provisioning being the key. Using ActivePortal’s tile-based interface – which can be branded and deployed in multiple languages for international reach – Platformer can customize the software to deliver select service-sets to different user groups across customers and carriers. In other words: The perfect synergy to orchestrate the cloud.