Digital services provider and communication specialist TasmaNet has selected ActivePort as a software partner, focusing their first collaboration on speed to delivery for customers whilst driving efficiency. With a shared philosophy of giving control to customers, this is a partnership to watch. 

Point, click, activate
The first phase focuses on removing complexity and costs. By using ActivePort’s “single pane of glass” view, TasmaNet will be able to activate customer services more quickly to boost the customer experience whilst reducing costs. This directly aligned with TasmaNet’s software-oriented orchestration and automation efforts for which ActivePort is a natural fit as the software can build services in minutes, or even seconds!

Farewell cookie-cutters, hello individualized solutions
TasmaNet is well known for their refusal to settle for one-size-fits-all solutions, whilst ActivePort was founded to help customers manage and consume technology based on their individual situation and requirements. With every business being different, ActivePort created a software that gives customers control of their network orchestration, automation and provisioning – tweaking and tailoring it to their needs using a “single pane of glass” view. This makes for interesting synergies into the future.

“ActivePort’s architectural and technology principles made it an easy decision to enter a collaboration. We look forward to working closely together on our present programs further improving our customer delivery and as ActivePort continue to develop new capability.” Rob Vernon, CEO of TasmaNet

Innovation directly focused on customers
At the heart of ActivePort’s capability is a flexible and robust API (application Programming Interface) Architecture to manage cloud, network services like SDWAN, interface with legacy systems and ultimately improve customer outcomes is at the heart of its technology strategy.

“The ActivePort API Orchestration Engine aligns closely with the software driven architecture that is core to TasmaNet’s technology strategy. We will focus initially on supporting TasmaNet’s focus on speed of customer delivery and then look at deeper integration into the TasmaNet ecosystem to support their growth and product aspirations.” Mark Middleton, CTO of ActivePort.