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Dynamic Service Provisioning with Software-Defined Networking.

Updated: Nov 14, 2018


SDN Automation + Orchestration Software

Carriers and Network Providers are looking to enhance their offerings to their customers but also reducing network operational costs. This is where ActivePort’s Dynamic Service Provisioning Software comes into play.

ActivePort is an Australian Automation Provisioning + Orchestration Solutions Software company for the global telecommunication market. “ActivePortal” is our Dynamic, Real-time, SDN-Based Provisioning Software, for network providers to provision services across their network in real-time or to their orchestrated API platforms in seconds. ActivePortal also offers an end user self-provisioning management portal to control and accelerate service delivery across the network with bandwidth-on-demand features, traffic optimisation tools, mapping graphs and real-time visibility of services.

Unlike typical network and configuration software, ActivePortal is an on-demand, on-premise network software overlay solution which sits securely beside the carrier network, accelerating service delivery with software defined networking from the carrier PoP to customer edge devices. This enables a real time, instant provisioning platform between a carrier network and customer device. Users can manage traffic flow and prioritise applications and bandwidth

requirements as needed instantly

but more importantly deliver

dynamic provisioning in seconds.

ActivePortal service delivery is managed on the fully white labelled ActivePortal controller dashboard. Each icon or “Tile” is configured with carrier services and provisioning template which intern automates the provisioning process for customer deploy in seconds. “ActivePort has worked with numerous Tier 1 networking vendors NTU’s, all with dynamic provisioning and firewall policy controls (i.e. Juniper, Cisco, Mikrotik etc). The software overlay does not touch or change your core network deployment.

Coming soon ActivePortal’s Virtual NTU (vNTU) to the automation platform which enables customer services without the need of an NTU at the customer’s premise.

Network virtualisation and visualisation are key components of any SDN Platform deployment and ActivePortal can provide Traffic Flow, Mapping and Full Network Visibility, as per below:

Each carrier can customise their own platform with their core product offerings to their customers. With the ActivePortal Service Orchestration Portal, carriers have tremendous agility to self-provision network services and adjust bandwidth to align with capacity demands either for a carrier network team to deploy services or to offer their customers a Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD) / Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) portal for instant self-provisioning services across the network or their carrier partner platform networks.

With Activeport’s Open API Inter-Carrier Automation Network and SDN Orchestration Management Layer network providers can offer a FULL end to end SD-WAN Interconnect with instant (Click-as- You-Go), self-provisioning for their customers. Providers who are looking to advance their core offering with flexible, cost effective Cloud, bandwidth scalability & automation, making network connectivity a reality.

Every platform can be multi-tenanted to provide network providers the capability for their resellers / channel partners to create their own ‘White Label Platform’ to deliver wholesale services faster and in real-time for their customers.

With any Automation SDN Platform deployment, billing is a key issue. ActivePortal Software has an embedded, bandwidth-on-demand billing engine (per min/hour/year/bandwidth) which will integrate with carrier’s internal customers billing software (API).

ActivePortal makes it simple to customise services for each carrier, either an open standard API with inter-carrier services orchestration. Carrier now have a real-time provisioning platform to orchestrate all API Platforms whether it be SD-WAN, CLOUD, Carrier Products, IP-PBX, Storage, SaaS, MSP API’s.

ActivePortal is 100% carrier white labelled & multi-tenanted for carrier partners to add on their own API services onto their dashboard, as required.

Another key feature of ActivePortal is its ability to automate SD-WAN with a zero-touch deployment within your network or set up “out of network” deployments for carriers or network providers that have customers who have offices in remote locations. The Automation Network enables call home functionalities over any Internet / Broadband link globally, building secure links back to the carriers closed Point-of-Presence (PoP). This can be all set up by a click of a Tile on the ActivePortal Dashboard including firewall policies, traffic optimisation and mapping tools as illustrated above

Carriers can now have one platform to orchestrate all their API’s, either internal products or partner API’s like CLOUD/SaaS/Storage or even a Data Centre IX platform so their end customers or network team can deploy services in seconds from the customer NTU/CPE to API interconnects.

Carrier-to-Carrier API Interconnect: More and more global carries are working together to integrate not only by traditional NNI but now through multi API’s interconnect. This will enable a real-time, SDN interconnect between carriers to enable partner relationships to run secure SD-WAN functionalities,

including Voice (IP Telephony) plus other services with

real-time billing and provisioning.

Carriers are looking for a solution that can do it all! Customer friendly, Dynamic service provisioning, network innovation, Bandwidth-on-Demand, real-time billing with the capability to interconnect to API partners all on one platform.

At ActivePort we are focusing on delivering the software tools for our customers to enhance todays Software Defining Networking environment by reducing operational costs

“Intelligent, Smarter, Dynamic Provisioning, Next Generation Carrier Software”

By Michael Glynn

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