(July 2023) CIO World Asia. In a groundbreaking move, the ActivePort Group has officially announced the launch of its highly anticipated Global Edge Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform. This revolutionary platform is set to transform the landscape of business data networks by offering a self-service, fully automated portal for designing, building, and operating networks.

ActivePort, a prominent leader in the software-defined networking sector, aims to democratize access to this cutting-edge technology through the Global Edge platform, meeting the increasing demand from businesses worldwide. By automating connections from branch offices to the cloud on a global scale, this self-service platform promises to redefine the way organizations build and operate their networks.

Introducing the Gateway
The Network-as-a-Service solution empowers businesses to rapidly scale their operations, providing swift access to the Global Edge gateway. With over 60+ established network points (POPs) spanning across 26 regions, including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and the Asia Pacific, this platform delivers on-demand network services. By adopting a flexible self-service pay-as-you-go model, businesses can enhance network performance while reducing costs.

Remote Working Boom
The recent surge in remote working has compelled businesses to seek secure and scalable remote connectivity solutions. Addressing this demand head-on, Global Edge incorporates a built-in virtual private network and SD-WAN technology, positioning itself as the ideal solution. With this platform, businesses of all sizes, from tens to hundreds of thousands of employees, can seamlessly connect, manage, and monitor their networks through a single portal. Offering essential tools for security management and performance optimization, Global Edge eliminates the need for costly hardware and reliance on traditional telecommunications providers.

The Technology
The Global Edge marketplace, complemented by its network function virtualization (NFV) capability, enables third-party product providers to integrate their tools into Global Edge networks. This flexibility allows businesses to meet their security integration and management requirements effectively. The vendor-agnostic technology facilitates the blending of legacy network technology with new advancements, ensuring seamless hybrid-cloud migrations.

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