Exclusive Interview with ActivePort Chairman, Peter Christie and The Market Herald

The Market Herald, July 10, 2023 – ActivePort (ASX:ATV) and Radian Arc are excited to announce an expanded relationship that will accelerate AI deployment within the telecommunications industry.

ActivePort (ATV) and Radian Arc have expanded their relationship to accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) deployment within the telecommunications industry.

The collaboration is leveraging Radian’s advanced-micro-device (AMD) GPU platform, to offer GPU-as-a-Service (GaaS) for AI, which has already been installed in a rapidly expanding network of more than 50 telco customers worldwide.

Through a combination of Radian’s industry-leading telco infrastructure solutions and ActivePort’s state-of-the-art orchestration technology, the two companies are poised to transform the way telcos and enterprises approach AI model training and deployment.

The groundbreaking partnership will enable telcos and their enterprise customers to easily deploy AI models within their networks, resulting in low-latency AI solutions.

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