ActivePort and Radian Arc join forces to enable high-performance AI.

SYDNEY, July 10, 2023 – ActivePort (ASX:ATV) and Radian Arc are excited to announce an expanded relationship that will accelerate AI deployment within the telecommunications industry.

The collaboration aims to leverage Radian Arc’s AMD-based GPU platform, already installed in a rapidly expanding network of 50 telco customers worldwide, to offer GPU-as-a-Service (GaaS) for AI. This ground-breaking partnership will enable telcos and their enterprise customers to easily deploy AI models within their networks, resulting in unique low-latency AI solutions.

By combining Radian Arc’s industry-leading telco infrastructure solutions with ActivePort’s state-of-the-art orchestration technology, the two companies are poised to transform the way telcos and enterprises approach AI model training and deployment. By leveraging Radian Arc’s AMD-based GPUs and FPGA encoders, Telcos can now offer high-performance AI models directly within their networks, delivering reduced latency and enhanced data security.

One key advantage of the ActivePort and Radian Arc solution is the preservation of data sovereignty. With the model data never leaving the secure confines of the telco’s network, customers can be assured that their sensitive data remains protected. This data sovereignty feature positions the ActivePort and Radian Arc collaboration as a powerful solution for projects with strict security requirements.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with ActivePort and introduce GPU as a Service capabilities to our telco customers,” said David Cook, CEO at Radian Arc. “By leveraging Radian Arc’s cutting-edge GPU-as-a-Service technology, we are enabling telcos and their enterprise customers to harness the power of AI within their networks, empowering them to deliver unique low-latency AI solutions. The added advantage of data sovereignty ensures that our solution is well-suited to projects where training data, input data and results are country-specific or highly sensitive.”

Through this collaboration, ActivePort and Radian Arc are taking a significant step forward in accelerating AI innovation and addressing the evolving needs of telcos and their enterprise customers. By integrating AI and video streaming directly within telco networks, organizations can unlock new possibilities for AI applications, benefiting from reduced latency and enhanced data security.

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