White Label 

Carrier/Service Provider Orchestration & Automation Software


Dynamic SDN provisioning software for network providers

Build your own On-Demand, 

Software Defined Networking Platform.

Automation Software license


As a Network Provider, Carrier or even a Data Centre Provider looking to enable your own "SDN Dynamic Provisioning  Platform" for your customers.


  • Enable "Connectivity as a Service Platform" for your CLOUD, WAN, SD-WAN, IP Transit Products

  • White Label/Rebrand SDN Platform Software.

  • Customized for an individual carrier or Data Centre needs and services.

  • Software licensing options.

  • Multi Hardware Vendor Platforms available (Juniper, Cisco, Mikrotik, etc) 

  • Integrates with other automation platforms to deliver one Instant Self Provisioning Platform.

  • Automation Software either for your internal network or customer facing.

  • Orchestration Overlay Software - operating over any carrier network.

  • Enabling a Self-Provisioning, On-Demand Platform for your customers.

  • Full Network Optimization, instant config, reporting, and troubleshooting tools.

  • Enable SDN Platform for instant connect across your network and out to your API Partner Platforms.

  • Real-time, on-demand billing engine which integrates with most carrier API billing.

  • Ticketing, reporting platform which integrates with carrier systems.

  • Enable your SD-WAN automation - Self Provisioning across your network in seconds

  • Full in-house development and engineering team to work with carrier teams to customize platform development and implementation.


ActivePort can offer more than just the SDN automation software but a real-time, on-demand dynamic provisioning portal (ActivePortal) to manage and provision services across the network instantly. Users can manage traffic flow, firewall policies and prioritize applications and bandwidth requirements as needed.


With ActivePort’s network automation software and SDN orchestration management layer, network providers can offer a full end-to-end SD-WAN Interconnect with instant (Click as you go) self-provisioning layer for their customers. Providers who are looking to advance their core offering with flexible, cost-effective Cloud, bandwidth scalability & automation, make network connectivity a reality with real-time, on-demand billing tools.


ActivePortal Software can be rebranded as part of a carrier MPLS Overlay will enable a “Tile” based provisioning portal with real-time bandwidth scalability and rapid provisioning with true SD-WAN functionality.


  • Fully White Labelled

  • Automation Software

  • Add your Core Networks Products to the Dashboard

  • Simple to deploy

  • Enable instant provisioning across your network + API Partner Platforms

  • Enable Real-Time billing (per minute/hour/day/monthly/yearly/bandwidth usage)

  • Integrates with Carrier Billing / Monitoring / Messaging API

  • Enables SD-WAN Platform with full functionalities

  • Interconnects with your API Network and Partner API Ecosystems or Platforms

  • Instant Automated Self Provisioning Software

  • Full Monitoring and WAN Optimization

  • Easy to use, Click and Go Portal (Network and Customer / Whitelabel)

  • Enable your Firewall Policies for your customers (customized)

  • Portal is fully managed and integrated by the Carrier

  • ActivePort's Software is housed securely within your own carrier environment 

  • Full carrier integration development assistance

  • Software Leasing options  

  • Ongoing 24/7 support + Service Level Agreement (SLA) 

  • Multi-Tenanted Solution

  • Full in-house development + network engineering team to work with carrier teams to build + customized carrier platforms.

Automate your Carrier Network with a White Labelled SDN Self-Provisioning Platform for your customers