SD-WAN made easy!


Build your own secure, SD-WAN Platform with full network mapping, traffic optimization, visibility and control in real-time.


Reduce your network costs


Optimize and Prioritize WAN needs over any Internet, Broadband or Private Network link.

With the ActivePortal Automated SD-WAN Software,  you can build your own "High Performance, Low Latency, fully secure SD-WAN Platform for your customers"


  • Easy to Deploy - Zero Touch "Click & Go Solution".

  • Manage, Control & Optimize your Bandwidth needs.

  • WAN Path control & mapping tools.

  • Self Provisioning Services with "Bandwidth-on-Demand" between your multi-site WAN.

  • Multi-Tenanted.

  • Real-time & historic reporting.

  • Low Latency solution with local Points of Presence 

  • High performance.

  • Full visibility & control of your own network.

  • Two-zone policy based firewall

  • Low-Cost installation.

  • Any Internet connection or MPLS environment.














Bring your own SD-WAN customer CPE/NTU,  SAVE Cost with a low monthly fee per site with fully rebranded ActivePortal Automation Software for your customers.

Full Managed SD-WAN & extend your SaaS API products to the customer edge.

  • Simple to deploy.

  • Fully Automated Self Provisioning Portal (ActivePortal).

  • Instant WAN Bandwith Optimization with full monitoring and mapping.

  • Integrate your API Platform /  Partners with your products (CLOUD, SaaS, IPPBX, DDOS, Hosting, Desktop Management, Managed Services, Peering Platforms  Interconnect Ecosystem etc. Partners Platforms).

  • Fully integrated on-demand billing (Real-time connectivity from customer to Partner Platforms (CLOUD etc) with real-time per minute / per hour /day /week billing).

  • Deploy over customer existing Internet or Private Network.

  • Fully integrated vendor firewall (Junos etc). 

  • Pay as You Use options.

How Does It Work?

With ActivePortal’s easy to use tools, you can be up and be running in no time at all: 


  • Setup the ActivePort approved intelligent NTU within the ActivePort Control Portal as a new service within your ActivePortal Automation Software.

  • Send your customer the NTU (zero-touch deployment)

  • Once connected to the internet or MPLS circuit this will instantly authenticate locally with ActivePort.

  • Open the ActivePortal local URL and start to provisioning services in seconds between customer NTU'S, you can prioritize traffic flow and set up and provisioning firewall policies in seconds. 

  • Manage and control bandwidth and setup requirements through ActivePortal.

  • Instantly provision bandwidth needs between your multi-site WAN.

  • Optimize and manage your bandwidth (SD-WAN Bandwidth-on-Demand). 

  • Monitor and manage your multi-site WAN.

  • Enable pay as you go for your customer with a real-time billing engine which can be integrated into the Network Providers billing.


















..Low Cost, Zero Touch Deployment.

Instant Provisioning, Automation Control Policy Portal,

High Performance, Low Latency, Secure, Optimization of Traffic Flow, Full Mapping, Reporting

with a Real-Time Two Way Firewall Policies.



SD-WAN Automation made easy - ADD your multi-cloud API with Edge Connect 


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