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The “Missing Link” has been found!!

Not “THE” missing link you are thinking of but "THE" missing link in the Telecommunications space!!

There are so many advancements in the Telecommunications infrastructure space from a hardware and software perspective, however along the way the Telcos have forgotten the most important part… THE CUSTOMER!

While there is a massive, investment, growth, and innovation in the cloud space outpacing traditional “Integrators” who are now spending more time protecting their existing revenue streams than helping their customers remain competitive.

Aside from the market leaders Amazon, Microsoft and Google, “Cloud” newcomers are investing massively such as Oracle and Alibaba, and the “Choice” of whether to move to the cloud is quickly eroding. Office 365 is a prime example of the decision to move to the cloud is now!

Customers need and demand flexibility!

There are some extremely smart solutions from Data Centre to Data Centre, but there is a “Missing Link” being the gap from the Data Centre to the customer's site called the last mile!

The slow march of the Neanderthals!

Telcos were designed with a traditional business model in mind, rigid processes and “bricks and mortar” mindset.

· Orders are processed,

· Contracts add time and complexity,

· Provisioning teams get to orders when they can,

· Services get provisioned,

· Accounts deal with billing

The cloud business model is automated with elastic compute, scalable up and down in seconds…with no contracts!!

The Ageing Telco networks were not designed for this flexibility and their core networks are their core assets & therefore ‘off-limits’!

It gets more complicated the deeper you look for a solution. It would be simple if there was only one telco in the land but unfortunately there are many with disparate vendors and network infrastructure in the mix, different ownership, legalities, lack of integration and no industry standards. It is a minefield for the customer to work with!

Aside from technical hurdles to tackle, there are financial hurdles. The traditional Telcos need long term (i.e. 24-48+ month) contracts to report figures to the board and shareholders. The easiest solution is double your bandwidth, increase your costs while extending the time you are ‘locked-in’! Happy salesperson, happy telco, happy shareholders, trapped customer.

So how do you tackle this problem?

By asking, “What does the customer want?”

· Carrier Neutral Solution.

· Data Centre Neutral Solution.

· Rapid Customer Provisioning – 60 seconds, not weeks!

· Instantly scale your bandwidth capacity.

· Multi-Cloud Ecosystem - Direct, secure, flexible connectivity to multiple cloud providers.· Cost effective “Last Mile” connectivity.

· Flexible Contract Terms. The solution…is a truly neutral Orchestration layer

Well, some very smart people at ActivePort have done just that and are empowering the traditional integrators to be part of the next wave of disruption! “The Revolution is HERE!”

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