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Do you partner with Multi API Platforms?

“Telco Orchestration + Automation Software for Networks Providers”

ActivePort is all about customised automation and orchestration carrier software. A fully white labelled provisioning software for network providers to orchestrate all their (internal or external partner) API’s. Enabling a real time, dynamic provisioning platform for network teams or end users to deploy network to network or network to CLOUD, carrier interconnect, SaaS, security, IX, IP-Tel, partner fabric/ecosystem platform in seconds.

In today digital economy, providers are now interconnecting with API’s, but the biggest frustration with a network provider is to provisioning services out to these multi-vendor API’s, this is where ActivePort comes alive…

The ActivePortal SDN Automaton Software enables a real time, dynamic provisioning platform for network to network or network to CLOUD or Network to API partners in seconds but also orchestrates all these API platforms onto one “click-and-go” Provisioning Dashboard.

Key Highlights

Orchestrate your API’s. One Platform can orchestrate all your internal or multi partner/vendor APIs, either CLOUD, SaaS, Security or even third-party SD-WAN providers. A multi-tenant, customized white labelled ‘Click-And-Go” dynamic provisioning software platform.

Dynamic Provisioning - Each product can be set up as a “Tile” on the Platform, behind each tile integrates with the carrier network and API Partner which delivers instant provisioning from Network to Network, Network to CLOUD in seconds.

SDN Ecosystem - Once installed, ActivePortal creates a Provisioning Overlay Software across your network which enables a real time ecosystem for end users to interconnect or provisioning services from CPE/Port to the carrier partner platforms. (optional)

Direct CLOUD or CLOUD Fabric/Ecosystem Partner. Setting a Network to CLOUD connect doesn’t need to be complex. A Carrier CLOUD API’s partners can be orchestration directly with the software. ActivePortal has worked with multi cloud vendors for our customer deployment either CLOUD ecosystems or direct connect partners like AWS, Google etc.

Inter-Carrier. Carriers today are implementing their own “Automation Platform” (API’s) to interconnect with. These can be all be orchestrated on the ActivePortal platform to enable instant provisioning from network to platform changing the way inter-carrier connect. Local Loop providers are offering bandwidth on demand functions or buying or local/international capacity bandwidth on demand. Network Providers moving away from the traditional NNI to API’s interconnect.

SD-WAN - network providers can orchestrate and manage, monitor, provisioning services with their third-party SD-WAN Partners or delivers their own network to network SD-WAN product with the ActivePortal SDN Automation. Offering customers, a real time interconnect for Network to Network products either within a carrier network or a Zero Touch SD-WAN deployment outside a carrier network with full bandwidth monitoring, optimisation and security tools.

Monitoring – built into the software is a real time monitoring tools, traffic flow, bandwidth priority options but also optimising bandwidth either across the network or out to an API platform.

Firewall – Network Providers can enable firewall settings, monitor and report on customer CPE or network connections in seconds.

Billing – If a carrier billing system has an API it can intergraded into the ActivePortal Software which allows the network provider to offer real time, on demand billing for their customers but also integrates with the partner API platform for real time connects and billing.

On-Demand – Offering on-demand services like bandwidth, capacity or even a real time CLOUD services is critical with any SDN Platforms.

Secure – ActivePortal Software is a fully licensed, on premise software for network providers, it can be housed within a network environment on multi VMs or by placing it into your CLOUD provider for global delivery in seconds.

Uptime – ActivePortal is a provisioning software which does not sit within a carrier network but as a provisioning, orchestrated network over layer software.

Custom Designed – every network provider is different with their own product offerings and different API partners. ActivePort development team with the carrier team develop and implement a customised white labelled platform for each carrier.

Management Portal (Dashboard) – ActivePortal offer a fully white labelled, multi-tenant customer portal. This portal not only offers instant provisioning but also allow users options of network monitoring, access real time billing/invoices, connects to your network ticketing/messaging in NOC software tools.

Who is ActivePort.

ActivePort Pty. Ltd. is an Australian Software Defined Networking (SDN) Automation + Orchestration Software Provider for the global telecommunications industry.

Our next-generation white labelled “Software Defined” Provisioning Software (ActivePortal) offers dynamic provisioning management tools with built-in bandwidth on demand options, network optimization, full visualisation, firewall controls, monitoring, reporting, billing and telecommunication management tools all-in-one.

The “Software as a Service” Platform enables carriers and data centre providers to orchestrate their API (Internal or Partner) Platforms together on one secure network software overlay platform. Once installed, the Platform enables a real time SDN, dynamic provisioning (Click-As-You-Go) management interface dashboard (ActivePortal) which manages and provisions hybrid WAN services or SD-WAN across the network instantly. Users can manage traffic flow, prioritize applications and optimize performance with bandwidth requirements as needed.

Deploying network services to your carrier customers, saving incredible amount of technical administration time and management, while empowering services providers to deliver more with less. ActivePort is all about services provisioning end-to-end rather than singular device configuration management.

Carriers now can turn on a real-time, bandwidth on demand, self-provisioning, SDN Platform with ActivePort Software. Reduce operational network timing and costs, allows for greater scalability on one simplified management platform infrastructure.

The software orchestrates all carrier internal and external API Platforms (SaaS, Bandwidth, WAN, CLOUD, Security, MSP, Trading, IP-PBX, third party automation platforms, third party SD-WAN provider, IX, Data Centre Ecosystems, Inter-carrier, local loop partner API and many more) onto one automation, instant provisioning platform.

ActivePort’s Software does not manage or touch your existing core network but offers a Software Defined Provisioning Overlay Solution for your customers or network teams to dynamically provision, manage and monitor services either across your network or out to your multi-vendor API partners.

It’s a powerhouse networking solution of the future.

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