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Changing the way “Network Providers” technically meet and greet.

“Multi-Vendor API Automation SDN Software”

2018 saw many network providers and data centres partner with key API platforms, multi-carrier interconnects, IX, Financial Trading, Security, SaaS, Cloud Ecosystems platforms, however managing these multi-vendor API’s can be complex and time consuming.

As 2019 comes to play, network providers are looking for “One Carrier Grade Automation Software Platform” that can orchestrate all their multi-vendor API’s onto one easy-to-use, secure, dynamic provisioning, overlay software solution.  A software platform that does not configure or change the core network but can orchestrate and provision customer services instantly either across a core network or out to an API partner in minutes.

Over the last 7 months we have met and listened to dozens of carriers and network providers and their key network frustration is managing these multi-vendor API’s.  Each partner has a different API or platform to interconnect to.

We am extremely proud of our team at ActivePort that has executed on our vision to support and manage these customer requirements.  With the ActivePortal SDN automation and orchestration on-premise software we have enabled carrier networks not only to orchestrate these multi-vendor API partner platforms on one easy to use “Dashboard” but the software that can monitor and provisioning services from a customer CPE right through to a carrier partner API’s.

This software is called ActivePortal, fully licensed, purpose build, white labelled carrier grade SDN software.

June 2018 ActivePort announced our new V4.0 ActivePortal Software, a carrier white labelled, on premise, overlay software for network providers to orchestrate all these multi-vendor/partner API’s. This Dashboard which automates as a tile functionally enabled a network provisioning team not only to dynamically provision services either across the network but also instantly provision services from customer CPE to which ever cloud or API partner in minutes.  

Some network providers have launched their own “On-Demand, Self-Provisioning SDN Dashboard” for their customers to manage and order new services, this is an optional feature set of ActivePortal.

As 2019 rolls in, network providers have new way to partner with their multi-vendor API’s, transforming partnership to an “On-Demand API” is the way moving forward whether you are partnering with a Global Carrier, Local Loop Provider, IX Exchange, Financial Trading Partner, Data Centre Ecosystem, CLOUD or even a third-party SD-WAN provider. 

It is important that a carrier network can house all these API’s onto one secure SDN Orchestration Platform.  A platform that can instantly provision services but also manage and monitor from end user CPE to API platforms in real-time.

Building your own on-demand platform has never been easier with the ActivePort Software.

Exciting 2019, “the year of automation”

The ActivePortal Software today enables carriers to build a clean, fresh on-demand platform which can transform any carrier’s business into today’s environment.  The old traditional carrier provisioning model will change as more and more carriers will enhance the power of On-Demand Network Solutions for their customers.  Gone are the days when it takes a provisioning team to deploy services in hours or days, now services can be ordered and deployed in minutes cutting the cost of time management and resources.

Key Points

SDN Automation Software Platform makes it easy for network providers to provide a self-provisioning, bandwidth-on-demand, CLOUD and network deployment in seconds.  Moving to a digital transformation is a key to any carrier network.  Traditional NNI are changing to API interconnects.

Orchestrate your API’s on one multi-vendor, provisioning platform.  Easy-to-use orchestration management software layer and complete network automation to build your own dynamic self-provisioning platform from customer NTU/CPE directly into your API Platforms.  Enabling your own platform can increase a whole range of network-centric businesses for your customers not only enterprise but also XaaS providers to interconnect on one on-demand platform. ​

Extend your API platforms to your customers edge with instant self- provisioning, full bandwidth optimization and traffic mapping all in one.  Interconnect your partner platform, billing, Cloud, Storage, XaaS API in one interconnect.

On Demand SDN Provisioning Dashboard – Housing all your API’s on one platform will enable your teams to instantly provision services from one easy to use click and go white labelled, multi-tenanted dashboard.  Enable a “On-Demand Customer Facing Dashboard” offers new products like bandwidth-on-demand, self-provisioning, giving more control to your network team or customers with full network visibility and transparency.

SD-WAN – Is it the flavour of the year?.  Automate your SD-WAN third party platform on your automation platform for instant provisioning and network stats or deploy your own SD-WAN on-net product for your customer either on-net or off-net with ActivePortal SDN Platform.  Customers can view, deploy, and control any services your customers need – from hybrid -WAN and Peering, to cloud and SaaS SD-WAN interconnect in Real-time.  Provisioning everything from under a minute with Zero touch deployment.

Who is ActivePort.

ActivePort Pty. Ltd. is an Australian Software Defined Networking (SDN) Automation + Orchestration Software Provider for the global telecommunications industry.

Our next-generation white labelled “Software Defined” Provisioning Software (ActivePortal) offers dynamic provisioning management tools with built-in bandwidth-on-demand options, network optimization, full visualization, firewall controls, monitoring, reporting, billing and telecommunication management tools all-in-one. 

The “Software as a Service” Platform enables carriers and data centre providers to orchestrate their API (Internal or Partner) Platforms together on one secure network software overlay platform.  Once installed, the Platform enables a real time SDN, dynamic provisioning (Click-As-You-Go) management interface dashboard (ActivePortal) which manages and provisions hybrid WAN services or SD-WAN across the network instantly. Users can manage traffic flow, prioritize applications and optimize performance with bandwidth requirements as needed.

Deploying network services to your carrier customers, saving incredible amount of technical administration time and management, while empowering services providers to deliver more with less.  ActivePort is all about services provisioning end-to-end rather than singular device configuration management

Carriers now can turn on a real-time, bandwidth-on-demand, self-provisioning, SDN Platform with ActivePort Software. Reduce operational network timing and costs, allows for greater scalability on one simplified management platform infrastructure.

The software orchestrates all carrier internal and external API Platforms (SaaS, Bandwidth, WAN, CLOUD, Security, MSP, Trading, IP-PBX, third party automation platforms, third party SD-WAN provider, IX, Data Centre Ecosystems, Inter-carrier, local loop partner API and many more) onto one automation, instant provisioning platform.

ActivePort’s Software does not manage or touch your existing core network but offers a Software Defined Provisioning Overlay Solution for your customers or network teams to dynamically provision, manage and monitor services either across your network or out to your multi-vendor API partners.

It’s a powerhouse networking solution of the future.

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