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ActivePort launches ActivePortal Version 5.0

ActivePort has launched ActivePortal Version 5.0.

ActivePort’s carrier neutral SDN Network Overlay Software & Orchestration solution for Carriers & Customers has evolved over the last 3 years and ActivePortal Version 5.0 brings some welcome updates.

The ActivePortal Dashboard which is a “tile-based” Portal has been updated and includes a new “Business Rules Engine” to allow Customers Technical or Admin people to customise and change the “Business Rules” of each tile (Service). This means all the logic behind each tile and the business flow can be changed and set by the customer, customised business flow!

Flexible and customisable, a customer with their own in-house billing system will not require ActivePort to develop ActivePortal into their billing system for them, they can customise the tile and integrate the billing system themselves!

Most of the updates in Version 5.0 focussed on updating API integration for our partners.

As ActivePort is currently launching POP’s in Singapore and the UK, we are working with some of our global partners in the regions to Integrate their API’s into ActivePortal for our customers.

ActivePort have just recently integrated PCCW’s Global SDN Platform API’s into ActivePortal and this will be expanded globally. This is in addition to API integrations with Equinix, Google and a new suite of Data Centre to Data Centre features.

Some additional work in Version 5.0 also focussed on updates to the Reporting engine which allows visual representation of your services running on ActivePortal such as updated bandwidth graphs, traffic flows & Application graphing.

Our Tools Become Your Tools!

White-labeling abilities allows customers to Rebrand the ActivePortal Dashboard & Service Catalogue.

Create your own Services Catalogues on the “Dashboard” as individual “Tiles”.

This "Services Catalogue" may include your multi-cloud partners, Security (Firewall), SaaS, Wireless, SDN, WAN Services, Carrier Services including IP Transit / WAN & Network Virtualisation.

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