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ActivePort Launches "ACTIVEPORTAL" Orchestration Software for Carrier Networks

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Orchestrate your multi vendor API's on one easy to use SDN Automation "Dynamic Provisioning" Software Platform.

ActivePort’s Intelligent SDN Automated Software (ActivePortal) has been launched as an MPLS overlay solution for carrier-grade networks to extend carrier offerings link CLOUD, SaaS or even SD-WAN for their Enterprise, Government and Wholesale customers. It includes a real-time, self-managed provisioning portal (inter-connect platform) for connections across the network as well as into hybrid Cloud and other multi vendor API Platforms such as, IP-PBX, SaaS, VMware, API Application Platform and even partner data centre ecosystem.

The White Labelled ActivePortal Intelligent SDN Software Portal offers a carrier or data centre provider the ability to implement their own key products or API Partner Products on the “Dashboard” which may include SD-WAN (Multi Offices), IP Transit, Private or Public Cloud Services, Security etc. You can also partner API Services, so the end-user or network provisioning teams can instantly provision network services with bandwidth-on-demand functionality with a real-time intelligent billing engine. The Customer Dashboard also provides real-time network monitoring, visibility of network settings and supports network updates. The ActivePortal Software integrates fully with a carrier’s MPLS network.

Unlike other SDN Carrier Solutions, ActivePortal Software delivers Carrier Grade fully automated SD-WAN functionality plus an Orchestration Management Layer which is critical to any Carrier's SDN deployment. End users are not only looking for a carrier grade SD-WAN or SDN to multi cloud solution, but a real-time Provisioning Platform (Portal) to enable them to self-provision, manage and monitor their own network connections / services with scalable bandwidth immediately available upon demand across the network to align with capacity demands. Carriers are looking for a solution that can do it all! Customer friendly Self-Provisioning, Bandwidth-on-Demand, Real-time Billing Platform, plus the capability to interconnect to partner platforms like Cloud, IP-BPX Platforms, even reseller API Platforms.

The ActivePortal Intelligent Software Solution can be integrated with multi API Carrier Partner Platforms or even another partner carrier API SDN Platform for multi carrier SD-WAN Interconnect.

...Intelligent, Innovative, Next Generation SDN Carrier Solution.

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