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ActivePort Launches ACTIVEPORTAL CLOUD Connect

Connect to Cloud & Multi Cloud Services from any Enterprise Building in Australia & New Zealand.

Thanks to our Australian & NZ expansion, ActivePort’s Self Provisioning Software Defined Platform enables enterprise customers to connect to cloud & multi cloud services from any Enterprise building. With the partnership of Juniper Networks Multiservice Edge SRX Router + our Intelligent ActivePortal Automation SDN Software enables Enterprise customers with full capacity management and an instant provisioning interface to multiple partner platforms.

The highly scalable Connectivity-as-a-Service Platform over any broadband service provider or carrier Layer 2 enables ACTIVEPORTAL to direct connect from customer to cloud, multi cloud and API platforms. The automated self-provisioning dashboard incorporating the smarts of the Juniper Networks SRX Services Gateway provisions services from customer premises to CLOUD with, bandwidth management for critical data flow plus enables SD-WAN for Enterprise customers remote offices.

Key Features
  • Prioritize, allocate & dedicate your bandwidth to Cloud, SaaS application, IP-PBX or other applications platforms to meet your workflow requirements.

  • Centralized Portal Control on the ActivePortal dashboard at a click of a ‘tile’. Instant self-provisioning connections, management & control.

  • Multi source connection, manage bandwidth on demand between SD-WAN remote multi sites or direct connect into Multi Cloud or Application Platforms.

  • Manage and control direct paths from your broadband service to where you need to go.

  • Enhance the latest Juniper enhanced Firmware. Manage layer security and unified threat management across your network including intrusion prevention.

  • Fully managed and monitored by the ActivePortal Dashboard.

  • Full Monitoring on utilization and activity between customer multi partner platforms.

ActivePort Authorised Resellers can now offer an end to end, seamless connectivity solution to cloud & multi cloud providers with full control of customer broadband connections with options of rebranding the ActivePortal Dashboard with their key products as well as interconnecting to API partners. This Intelligent Software also enables real-time on demand billing for a reseller to provide to customers or integrate into the reseller own billing platform.

The ACTIVEPORTAL CLOUD NTU is placed at the customer Broadband Edge with zero-touch deployment for Hybrid WAN, SD-WAN and Cloud connectivity with a fully automated Self Provisioning customer facing portal.

ActivePort is an Independent Software Defend Network Solution Vendor who is not only TELCO but CLOUD & DATACENTRE Neutral. ActivePortal's roll out throughout Asia and Europe is scheduled for later in 2018.

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