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Global Edge SD-WAN

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Connect configure and activate the edge in minutes with Global Edge SD-WAN


Global Edge is our hardware agnostic, next generation SD-WAN for enterprises, telecom providers and resellers. You can connect, configure and truly activate the edge in minutes, with complete independence from big vendor applications, hardware and proprietary licensing. Unlike any other SD-WAN providers, with Global Edge you can run your SD-WAN on any x86 based CPE and manage your network in one place. As a bonus, you have the ability to rebrand the Global Edge SD-WAN as your own with tools to deploy end-to-end at a market disruptive price point.


The result: Replace complexity and high costs with choice, simplicity and speed to connect your locations, your way

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Choice and transparency

Next generation SD-WAN alternative to the big vendors. No more tightly coupled hardware or software solutions that lock you into expensive, inflexible and complex environments.



No need for complicated hardware specific configuration and management. With Global Edge, all configuration is managed centrally and distributed to the edge device.


Speed to activate

By employing all connectivity/WAN options available, including wireless, Global Edge can connect, configure and activate the edge in minutes

Benefits and features at a glance

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White label, white box platform. Build your own brand instead of reselling somebody else’s.

Orchestrate customer SD-WAN from a single, secure portal. Manage, troubleshoot and monitor networks end-to-end.

Multi-tenancy: Give each sub-tenant their own secure, branded space.

Subscription-based pricing lets you set your own prices, where your costs match with revenue.

Apply QoS to prioritize bandwidth for the applications that matter most, even over internet circuits.

With same-IP failover you can compute through an ISP outage with seamless failover. The result: No more dropped sessions, ever.

Split traffic over multiple WAN connections on a per-packet load balancing basis. Deliver site redundancy and survivability.

Secure networks by splitting packets over multiple circuits to get built-in security. Choose from three encryption cyphers

Gain independence, performance and freedom from traditional networking technologies