Data Center SDN Platform

Build your own secure, real-time, on-demand platform within your Data Center Ecosystem.

Build your own Data Center Ecosystem

Data Center Providers who are looking to build their own On Demand Community Platform or Ecosystem can now white label ActivePort’s Automation, Self Provisioning Software. 


Building your own self-provisioning, bandwidth-on-demand, pay as you go platform using ActivePortal Software will enable a data center provider to customize and build there own scalable, SDN "Service Platform" for there customers and partners to securely interconnect on one "platform"


Our Software Platform enables "ActivePortal" one dashboard that can orchestrate all your services from WAN, IP, CLOUD, SaaS, Trading, Peering, Storage and orchestrates all your API's on one easy to your Platform.


Customize your DashBoard with your key products for instant provisioning either between ports or enable self-provisioning to your key API Partners instantly with a real-time billing/ticketing/messaging engines.


Building your own Data Center Interconnect between your Multi Sites has never been easier.

  • Fully White Labelled (customize and license lease options)

  • Automation + Orchestration Software

  • Real-time Secure Market Place for your customer to instant provisioning services between each other within your data center environment.

  • Enable an instant provisioning platform to connect to CLOUD/Carrier or API partner platforms

  • Add your Core Networks Products to the Dashboard (WAN IP, Managed Services, CLOUD, Carrier Partners and CLOUD API.

  • Enable Real-Time billing (per minute/hour/day/monthly/yearly/bandwidth usage)

  • Integrates with Data Center Billing / Monitoring / Messaging API

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  • Enables SDN Platform with full functionalities

  • Interconnects with your API Network and Partner API Ecosystems or Platforms

  • Full Monitoring and WAN Optimization

  • Easy to use, Click and Go Portal (Network and Customer / Whitelabel)

  • Portal is fully managed and integrated 

  • ActivePort's Software is housed securely within your own Data Center environment 

  • Full Data Centre integration development assistance 

  • Ongoing support + SLA 

Multi-Site Data Centre Provider  

Launch Your Own Instant SDN Interconnect Platform for your customers over your multi-site WAN