Orchestration Software

Orchestrate your API's on one Platform, prioritizing traffic over any broadband/MPLS link direct to your API CLOUD, Trading, IX, SaaS, IP-PBX, Data Center, Managed Services

Enable Your Own

"Software-As-A-Service" Platform

We turn integrators and network resellers into service provider powerhouses thanks to our Edge & Network Orchestration Software Platform.
Reselling services can be difficult. You’ve got to not only find each deal but then get a back-to-back contract with a service provider to fulfill. And fixed contract periods just add to the problem.


  • Extend your API Cloud, SaaS, Data Centre Partners to the customer edge using ActivePort for last mile connectivity or over any Internet, broadband connect (you bring the Last Mile or Internet)


  • Enable secure end-to-end network control across your multi-cloud API platforms.


  • Immediate provisioning of your bandwidth through the use of Orchestration Layer Connectivity.


  • Optimize your connectivity costs & performance to Public & Private Cloud-based services


  • Benefits of Software Defined Networking-based interconnection for rapid scaling and right-sizing capacity.


  • Extend your software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers to your enterprise branch sites.


Simply install our edge hardware, customize your service catalogue from a huge range of provider options, and start selling.


It’s the Orchestration Solution you wished you’d found earlier.


ActivePortal Edge Connect can expand your product & service range in minutes, giving you a whole host of new offerings.


  • Offer cloud & storage.

  • Deploy SD-WAN across existing IP bandwidth or MPLS Network for your customers.

  • Expand with IPTel, SaaS, Firewalls, Peering, Trading Platforms and more.

  • Low Latency, Real-time connectivity for your customers to connect to your networks.

  • Secure - Two-zone policy based firewall

  • Optimize traffic needs with full mapping tools

  • Automate dynamic provisioning from customer premises to your CLOUD in seconds.


ActivePortal Edge empowers enterprise customers to manage and self-provision multiple services and virtualize network functions from any enterprise building to multi-cloud providers using the ActivePort management portal which offers a real-time application and mission-critical bandwidth management tool with instant provisioning network connection over any broadband Internet connections.

ActivePort Realm AWS 1.png

If you have a CLOUD, SaaS, Data Centre Ecosystem (local or globally) API Partner you can interconnect your API  Platform with ActivePortal and extend that to your customers (fully White Labelled)


"Extend your CLOUD API to your enterprise customer premises"


  • Use your own CLOUD API Partner. (interconnect to ActivePort locally)

  • Rebrand the ActivePort Dashboard as your own.

  • Enable your customers to instant provisioning services like CLOUD over your API Network + Partner Platforms.

  • WAN bandwidth optimization and mapping tools instantly.

  • Bandwidth on demand with Real-time billing.

  • ActivePort integrates with your network + Partner API Platform

  • ActivePortal integrates with Reseller/Integrators Billing engine + ticketing, monitoring, messaging system.

  • Click and GO – ActivePort’s Automation and Orchestration Software enables zero-touch deployment for remote multi offices.


  • Extend your CLOUD, SaaS, Partner Platform to your customer edge.

  • ActivePortal intelligent Portal enables customers to instantly connect to your multi-cloud providers for Primary and Secondary backups instantly.

  • Real-time, on-demand billing which can be integrated (API) into existing network provider or integrators billing platforms.

  • Set your own billing structure with each of your products, set timing or bandwidth billing.

  • Multi SD-WAN Remote offices.  Users can self-provision new services and scale their network bandwidths on demand.

  • Visibility + Traffic Flow and Graphing.

  • Real-time end to end monitoring, graphing, customer visibility and mapping, monitoring their own network connections and capacity utilization.  Using the ActivePortal end users can manage and support traffic flowing from any and all direct connections between customer and multi-Cloud or SaaS Platforms and applications or multi-office network setup.


  • ActivePort’s intelligent software allows each user to manage application flows, with full automation configuration which will allow multipath optimization between SD-WAN Multi sites or to the customer Cloud provider.

API Orchestration allows your customers to use a number of services providers for Connect to Cloud services