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Dynamic Provisioning and Centralized Automation Portal

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Networking (SDN) Platform


With ActivePort's Service Orchestration Portal, customers have the tremendous agility to self-provision network services and adjust bandwidth to align with capacity demands. Programmability coupled with policy firewalling, network virtualization with full policy control keys to an SDN revolution.


Rebrand the ActivePortal Dashboard & Service Catalogue


Customers create their own Services Catalogues on the “Dashboard” as individual “Tiles”.  This "Services Catalogue" may include your multi-cloud partners, Security (Firewall), SaaS, Wireless, SDN, WAN Services, Carrier services like IP Transit / WAN and Network Virtualisation.


Our simple to use Dashboard will enable bandwidth-on-demand and instant self-provisioning so customers can manage and monitor internal cross-connects in real-time and enable SD-WAN for multi-site customers.



There’s so much more you can do with ActivePortal


ActivePortal has been designed with incredible features, giving you the power to sell, monitor and control your entire enterprise service portfolio from one Dashboard.



  • Tile-based Dashboard – Customize your ‘Tiles’ to fit each product.


  • Real-Time Provisioning – Customers can self-provision services linked to their Dashboard, with fulfillment handled automatically thanks to API integration.


  • Scalable Bandwidth – Got a bandwidth change to make? Customers don’t need to call you, they simply turn bandwidth up or down to meet their changing business needs through the Portal.


  • SD-WAN Enablement – Customer networks can be configured for SD-WAN simply by adding an edge device at the customer's site with the ActivePortal Dashboard managing and provisioning connectivity.


  • Full Visibility – Real-time monitoring and utilization make it easy to oversee everything that’s deployed via a visual representation and graphical interface.


  • Automated Billing – ActivePortal provides real-time carrier billing thanks to an integrated API. No more manual bill reconciliations to be done by the accounts department!


  • White Label Portal - Tile-based Dashboard which can be white labelled to fit carrier products including, Private & Public Cloud, WAN (SD-WAN), IP, SaaS, Firewall, IP Telephony plus Wireless Network Management. Set your own “Tiles” on your branded portal to promote and monetise your own products & services.


  • Secure SDN Provisioning - Allows services to be physically deployed without having to worry about your core security or divulging critical information to a third party.


  • Self Provisioning – Customers can self-provision network services from the Dashboard with Real-Time Automated Provisioning.


  • Bandwidth-on-Demand – End users can scale bandwidth/capacity up and down as their business needs or demand in applications increases. Select by Time-of-day, day-of-week automatically!


  • WAN Enablement – Real-time self-provisioning allowing customers to connect to their multi-office network within your core. ActivePortal enables the core network and customer edge device by providing secure, real-time, bandwidth-on-demand SD-WAN functionality as an overlay solution.



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